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Let us help you include your dog in your wedding event.


We can help to create favors that highlight your dog and are a fun and memorable treat for the humans at your wedding! Let us share with you some of our creative solutions and our array of other products and favor add-ons. Each touch serves to reflect the bride, groom, and dog of honor.

Specialty Items

Consider creating a specialty cocktail or another offering at your reception. We will craft elegant signage to go alongside and highlight the way in wish you want to honor your dog. We also offer floral collars, wedding leashes, and bridal accessories. Your dog will be almost as beautiful as the Bride!


We offer a variety of wedding event services that will have your pet covered from beginning until the end. We specialize in Wedding Pet Attendant services. We will take care of your pet throughout your event, rehearsal dinner, first look photography sessions, walking down the aisle, wedding photos, reception, and pet sitting.

Stress free pet solutions and services for your wedding day .

Tails and Veils

We have you covered from head to tail.

We highly recommend advance planning for the ultimate experience for having your dog in the bridal party. Each client will receive a complimentary copy of our Wedding Petiquette Guide.

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We are the premier wedding pet planners in the country. No matter where you are located we can offer assistance or consultation in how to have your dog in your wedding.

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